Why cut down a perfectly healthy tree so you can decorate it for a couple of weeks, then pitch it? More than 50 percent of real trees end up in landfills. Plastic may seem like the greener option for repeated use, but it really isn't. Very few of us buy only one tree in our lifetime, and at some point that plastic waste will end up in landfills. And if your tree was made in China, Taiwan or South Korea, it traveled thousands of miles to get to your home. 

The solutions:
1. Buy or rent a potted tree. Many cities offer tree rentals; or simply plant your own and when Christmas is over, put it in your yard or donate it to a tree-planting group. 
2. Get those creative holiday juices flowing and make your own! A wall tree using stencils or chalk is a simple option. For the carpenters out there, try a rustic tree made out of scrap wood. For bookworms, try stacking your old hardcovers in the shape of tree. Sure to be a fun conversation piece!

3. DIY Tree ideas

FuturePlanet wishes you an future friendly holiday season!