Straws Suck


  • Reducing single-use plastic straws from pubs, restaurants, hotels and cafes.


  • Straws are one the top ten pieces of trash gathered from beaches around the world.
  • 500 million straws are used everyday in the US and approximately 20 billion kilograms of plastic ends up in the ocean each year, threatening marine life.

The small surf town of Tofino, BC is making a big impact when it comes to ocean pollution by encouraging its local businesses to go straw free. #StopSucking

The straw-free movement began in January of 2016 when Tofino’s upscale restaurant, the Wolf in the Fog, signed a pledge with the campaign, “Straws Suck,” to stop supplying plastic straws. The Surfrider Foundation's “Straws Suck” campaign works with local businesses to reduce plastic waste and protect our oceans. Co-chair of the Pacific Rim chapter, Michelle Hall said that when it came to straws she “just wanted to start with something that was way more achievable.” And she was right! Shortly after the Wolf in the Fog made its pledge, so did The Long Beach Lodge, eliminating its use of 12,000 straws per year. Executive chef, Ian Riddick said the decision was a “no-brainer” and that “it was simple. And change isn’t always simple in business”.

As of December 2016, 25 businesses in the small town of Tofino have gone straw free. Now that’s a big impact!